Comprehensive Marketing Communications, Public Relations and Internet Marketing Services that Build Business Brands and Increase Revenues

Marsh Marketing provides comprehensive marketing and communication services to a variety of industries including real estate, professional services, golf, hospitality, clean tech/solar, water purification and consumer products. The firm supports local, regional and national clients by working with expert designers, writers, publicists, website constructors, media buyers, printers, internet marketers and photographers in Northern California, Colorado, South Carolina and New York.

The Marsh Marketing team you hire are professionals that do the work you are promised and in timely fashion. We don’t hand the work off to on-the-job trainees. Experienced experts do the work you hire us to do. We work with efficiency and produce great work at competitive rates.

Marsh Marketing services include branding, graphic design, web creation and hosting with traditional and online media campaigns that utilize advanced internet search, paid search, print advertising and public relations to help our clients achieve their business objectives. We place a great deal of news because we know what the news is, how to spot a trend story and by maintaining positive relationships with publishers, editors and reporters. We write website copy, white papers, annual reports, newsletters and advertising copy. We do beautiful and functional design work. We increase awareness and recognition for our clients. We buy media at favorable rates and get superb advertising placements. We generate qualified website traffic for our clients. We help clients manage their reputations and create community affairs programs that enhance the value of their brands. We’ve done damage control for clients even though we prefer that they not need us for this service. We’ve done this work since 1998 and most importantly, we love what we do.

What can we do for your enterprising company?

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